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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Baba Shakur-Ud-Din Wali - Bandipora, Kashmir

Born at Arith Pargana, Machhama, District Budgam in 790. as per the Islamic calendar. Shakur-Us-Din Wali was a religious person and a hard worker.

As he grew, he came under influence of two pious people, He traced out one of them Sheikh Noor-Ud-Din wali at Charar-e-Sharif who sent him to Ashmuqam, Islamabad where he met Hazrat Zainudin Reshi from whom he received spritual knowledge. After a few years, he was told to go to Sharikot(Snagri) and meditate there. Here, the Peer baba assisted the locals and performed mericales. As his fame grew, people from all religions , flocked to thim for help and spritual guidance. Baba reshi of Tangmarg/Gulmarg fame was once his assistant, and impressed by his services Baba shakuruddin blessed him and settled him in Tangmarg. Baba Reshi gifted a decorated wooden door to the Shrine, know to have spritual powers(This door is permanantly displayed at the entrance to the shrine)
, in 870 Hijri, Baba dug a grace for hislelf and stepped into it. Lakhs of whrshippers visit his Ziarat for pilgrimage and to have homage to the great saint who did not discrimnate between hindus and muslims.
The peer baba is also known as Topandaz-e-kashmir and is locally believed to neutralize evils, for well bineg of people of kashmir. 27th of Islamic Calendar Month Jamadi-Us-Sani is celebrated the Urs of Baba Shakur-Ud-Din Wali.

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Glimpse of My Village - Onagam Bandipora

Onagam: The name has been derived from the word(VUN), it means Jungle & GAM, a village. In short, sometime back, this village was covered trees, and people those days named it as onagam(The Jungle Village). Onagam is one of the biggest villages in Newly formed District Bandipora(Newly Formed District - 2009), earlier it was part of Baramulla district.

Onagam is located in center of Bandipora district, 2 kilometers away from the district head quarters. The village is surrounded by Panjigam from East, Putushai from west, Duban from North Qazipora from South, Turqpora from North West, and Kalusa from South East.

Current head(Mukdam) of this village is Mr Abdul Aziz sofi, 80 year old man has been serving this village from about 3 decades.

Onagam is exactly divided by a canal(nehr Zainagir) into two halves- longitudinally, Zain-ul-Abdin constructed the Zainager Canal and started building places, the chaks, who appear to have remained untamed so far. The purpose of constructing Nehr-e-Zainager (Zainager Canal) was to irrigate Zainager, it originates from Sonarwani, and flows through Watrina, Panjigam, Onagam, Potushai... and so on... and finally reaches to Zainager(village). It moves in loops till it enters Sopore irrigating about 13300 acres of land. It is 47 Kms long, takes its water from the river Madhumati. This canal adds its beauty to this village.

Onagam- Water Fall

Onagam - Bridge

Onagam is divided into Mohallas and they are as:
Zargar Mohalla, Mirpur, Nayed Mohalla, Peer Bhuttoo, Ganai Mohalla, Chann Mohalla, Lone Mohalla, Sheikh Mohalla, Sofi Mohalla, Wani Mohalla, Sheikh Mohalla 2, and Khawaja Mohalla

The village is big enough, with 13 Masjids out of them two are Jamia Masjids where people do offer Friday Prayers, an Eid-Gah, 6 Darasgaj's (Islamic Schools), two high schools(Government High School, and Model Public High School), two middle schools(Boys and Girls), and number of primary schools. Onagam is showered with lot of scholars, Professor Manzoor Ahmad Fazili being first Ph D Holder from this village, rest are Mohd Yousuf Ganie(Ph D Economics), Dilshada(Ph D Botany), Riffat Basharat( Ph D Chemistry), Riffat Anjum(Ph D), Mohsin Pervez( Ph D Computer Science*).

Onagam has give birth to some great people:

Mr Betaab( Famous Kashmiri Poet)
Mr Manzoor Fazili(Scholar cum writer): a few books written by him are:
Mr. Ahmadullah Affandi:rominent figure of J&K Bharat Scouts and Guides who has been awarded with a number of state and national awards
Muhammad Farooq Rehmani(Freedom Fighter cum writer):

Medium of Transport:
Villagers usually use Busses, Tongas and Autos as the premium medium of transport.

Important Spots in the Village:

Panchayat: It is next to my house, we usually play cricket here. 4 PM onwards, people who are interested in playing/watching cricket are usually found in this place. Tournaments are usually organized in this ground on sundays. Some famous cricket teams of this village are Onagam eleven, bungroo etc.

Saribal Spring: This is a famous tourist spot in Onagam, schools usually come here for a outing.

Northern End(Near Apple Orchards): This i call Las Vegas of my village, 24 hours people are involved in gambling. Sometimes you can spot fathers and sons playing cards together.

Twin Water Falls: People usually go for fishing after 4 PM. I loved watching people catching fish besides water falls. Both water falls are very dangerous, so if you dont know how to swim, please dont jump for a bath.

I am looking for more information regarding this village, if you can put into words, please mail it to mohsink4u@gmail.com, thanks in advance..Also if there are any corrections in this information, please write

Thursday, June 24, 2010

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Paradise on Earth

Somebody has right said:
Agar Firdaus Ba Roe Zamee,
Hume Ast, Hume Ast, Hume Ast o Hume Ast

It means

if there is a paradise in the world,
It is Here, It is Here, It is Here & It is Here.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nimaaz Timings in Bandipora Kashmir

As per "The Islamic Cultural Center of New York (ICCNY), New York, NY ." , the prayer timings in Bandipore are above...
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